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      Dear valued customers say goodbye to baggy clothes.

      You deserve to feel amazing in your own body, and we are here to help you on that journey. Introducing our Curve Premium Waist Trainer.

      This shaper is designed to mould your body and enhance your curves, leaving you looking beautiful and confident without sacrificing your natural charm.

      With the Max Comfort system, the shaper conforms perfectly to your body, without causing discomfort or irritation. Its high-quality fabric improves circulation and regulates your body temperature, making you feel comfortable and secure all day long.

      If you've recently gone through the postpartum period, Our Curve Premium is the perfect choice for you. With its abdominal support, it improves your posture and supports your abdominal muscles, reducing diastasis.

      Have you ever imagined returning to your old body quickly and without any discomfort?

      The CURVE PREMIUM shaper can help improve athletic performance, reduce cellulite, and leave your skin smoother and younger-looking. It helps improve posture, reduce muscle fatigue, and increase endurance during physical activity. Plus it's comfortable and can be worn anywhere, anytime. The most amazing thing is that this styler doesn't leave marks on clothes!

      Manufactured in Canada with Brazilian design, this shaper is the result of years of research and development by a specialized fashion team.

      The company is committed to bringing the best of Brazilian fashion to the world, with comfort and quality above all, and the result is a high-quality and durable waist trainer.

      Made with intelligent fibers, the waist trainer is comfortable and offers high compression, making your waist slimmer without compromising your comfort. The Max Comfort system provides a smooth and pleasant sensation, making your wear experience light and non-restrictive despite the high compression.

      So, if you want to enhance your curves and feel even more confident, charming, and with impeccable posture, don't waste any more time and get your Curve Premium Waist Trainer with Max Comfort System today!

      With all the love in the world, we are here to help you feel even more beautiful and confident without sacrificing comfort.




      Product Specifications:
      • 13 spiral steel boning supports thgrantnts you full support and optimum comfort.
      • 6 hook-and-eye closures system for effortless sizing.
      • This smart fibre converts the human body heat into far infrared rays (FIR) and admits them back to the skin, promoting several benefits.
      • High Compression is applied on your waist to reduce it to 3 sizes instantly.
      • Goes unnoticeable under your cloth and fits perfectly for complete discretion.
      • Can be worn on top of clothes
      • Colour: Black
      • Size: XSMALL-XXLARGE
      • Material: BFOAM/ CR/ Emana®, polyamide 6.6, polyester, spandex 100%.